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Want to Raise Confident Kids – Avoid Overparenting

Want To Raise Confident Kids-Avoid Overparenting-Dr. Dayo Lanier

The Overparenting Trap

A great deal of pressure is placed on kids to succeed these days.

When it looks like our children aren’t achieving

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2 thoughts on “Want to Raise Confident Kids – Avoid Overparenting

  1. This article really reached me as a parent! As a mom of two basketball bouncing, musically inclined, bright children, I am consistently trying to steer them the two of them in the right direction by letting them grow with a road map (our expectations) so I thought. In the education field, I

    1. Thanks for your comment, Takela! Striking the balance between providing support and guidance for our children, without involving ourselves “too much” in their journey can be difficult! 🙂

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