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Time To Drink More Water

I’m very excited today, because my first single, “Drink More Water,” is now available on iTunes (Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D.)!

While promoting the single, I did ponder how we can get our children (and ourselves) to drink more water. You can “Just Do It” as the Nike commercials suggest, but more than likely, you’ll need a plan to make sure you drink enough water throughout the day. 

I personally carry an aluminum water bottle around with me and refill it frequently (a very cool water bottle that reads Peace, Joy and Love and makes me want to fill it with water). If I’m thirsty, I have water first. 

My children, however, present more of a challenge. They usually have soy milk or 1% organic milk with meals, and water or 6 oz. of juice with their afternoon snack. 

If they’re thirsty after the milk or juice… They have water (not more milk or juice). Also, if they’re thirsty during the day (with their morning snack, after dinner, after playing, etc.), I’ll have them drink water as well.

Once they caught on to the fact that water was on the priority list of things to drink, they fell in line with Mommy’s plan!

You may need to mix things up by adding a slice of lemon or lime, or getting them a cool water bottle, but sticking to it (and being a good role model by drinking more water yourself) works best.

When in doubt, get the song “Drink More Water” and play it over and over until they get the point—it worked for my children!  🙂

Take care and God bless,

Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D.

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