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Time For Change – Revisited

The Relevance of This Revision

I wrote the original version of “Time For Change” in 2016. It’s heartbreaking and disheartening that this revision is still relevant in 2020.

Time For Change – Revisited

Crying over this type of violence, until we’re all out of tears
Sadly watching, as outrage is replaced by fear
Fear of indifference, fear of no change
How much longer will things stay the same?

Why the open season on innocent black lives?
The fact that I have black teens who are able to drive,
Needing to lecture them on how to come home alive?
How to go about their day, so they can advance… then survive?

Yes they play ball, but that play on words is disturbing,
Black people killed at the hands of police—outrageous and undeserving.
“Out of place” provocateurs breaking windows—suspicious and unnerving

Disproportionately affected by COVID-19, yet still under attack
National outrage leading to peaceful protests—currently being hijacked,
By coordinated violence with opposing motives, causing more pain and lives lost,
They’ve sown seeds of hate and anger… now we are counting the cost.

Please, do not come up with ways to shift the blame,
Using fear like lighter fluid, division fanning the flames,
We are frustrated, heartbroken and angry—and what we need is clear,
Prayer, unity, and justice—enough is enough, the time for change is here.

Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D.
May 2020

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