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The Conflict of Summer – A Haiku Poem for Introverted Parents

The Conflict of Summer-a Haiku Poem

It’s May—the main month of spring!

It’s also the last month of school before summer break.

The month when we encourage our children and students to “finish the year strong”… yet recognize their fatigue, because we are feeling it ourselves.

Knowing summer is around the corner is exciting!

It also leaves many introverted parents feeling slightly conflicted—especially if they work from home.

The Conflict of Summer

Summer brings warm weather and relaxed schedules, more time to spend with family and friends, vacations (or stay-cations), cookouts and fun in the sun!

Then, there’s the flip side…

Anticipating household chaos, frequent interruptions, rapidly disappearing fridge and pantry snacks, and sibling skirmishes.

Not to mention the constant battle to encourage personal and social experiences over solely technological ones—like television, computers, video games and social media on smartphones.

It all adds to the Conflict of Summer.

Being in a poetic, introverted mood of late, I felt inspired to write a haiku poem (and yes, the title and blog post are longer than the actual poem)! 😉

Enjoy the rest of your week!

The Conflict of Summer – a Haiku Poem For Introverted Parents

Summer, I welcome
relaxed routines, but dread the
slack structure you bring.

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