Want To Raise Confident Kids-Avoid Overparenting-Dr. Dayo Lanier

Want to Raise Confident Kids – Avoid Overparenting

The Overparenting Trap A great deal of pressure is placed on kids to succeed these days. When it looks like our children aren’t achieving to our satisfaction, parents often jump in and “help” them along. We let them know—through our words and our actions—that their efforts aren’t meeting our standards. While we may not realize we’re doing this, I think…

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Quote of the Day – Alison Gopnik, Ph.D.

  The most important rewards of being a parent aren’t your children’s grades and trophies or even their graduations and weddings.  They come from the moment-by-moment physical moment joy in being with you. Instead of valuing “parenting,” we should value “being a parent.” Instead of thinking about caring for children as It is a kind of love.  Love doesn’t have…

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Great Way to Reduce Stress

“Stress is the space between your thoughts of how life should be and how life really is… Since stress is created by your thoughts, you can feel less stressed by becoming aware of the thoughts and looking either for ways to change how life is or what you think it should be… You can also reduce your stress when you…

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