Live in the Moment

Inspiration & Insights – Live in the Moment

I love this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt. It reminds me to live in the moment, enthusiastically and without fear. Often, we find ourselves racing from task to task or crisis to crisis—Focused on where we’ve been and where we’re going, instead of being in the moment (where we are and what we’re doing currently). It’s easy to become preoccupied, looking…

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The Benefits of Ballet

I absolutely love the art of ballet!  I love how it serves as a creative outlet for me to express myself artistically. I revel in the intensity of physical exertion required, both in movement and stillness.  I enjoy the mental challenge it provides— trying to remember different ballet positions and combinations, while remaining focused on my breathing and body positioning……

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Great Way to Reduce Stress

“Stress is the space between your thoughts of how life should be and how life really is… Since stress is created by your thoughts, you can feel less stressed by becoming aware of the thoughts and looking either for ways to change how life is or what you think it should be… You can also reduce your stress when you…

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Metro Knoxville March of Dimes Campaign Kick-Off

Helping to improve the health of babies at the Metro Knoxville March of Dimes 2016 Campaign Kickoff today. Save the date for the 2016 March for Babies on Saturday, April 30th at the Knoxville Zoo! #marchofdimes #marchforbabies #marchforbabiesknox #walkonthewildside #WhyIWalkTN

Satisfying Your Sweet Tooth

Girl Scout Cookie Temptation I’m sorry I missed you last week. I was busy doing what turned out to be a full-time job: picking up and distributing Girl Scout cookies! As I found myself surrounded by those tasty once-a-year cookie treats, sorting them in preparation for delivery (and sampling my favorite flavors), I paused long enough to check the nutrition…

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