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Shout Out to ASG and the Songwriter Symposium

ASG logoI promised a shout out to the Austin Songwriters Group (ASG) and the 2013 Songwriter Symposium held here in Austin last weekend… so here it is!

My first thank you has to go jointly to Rick Busby (Singer-Songwriter, ASG President) and Lee Duffy (Singer-Songwriter, ASG Executive Director). The Symposium was my first time meeting them both, and it was truly a pleasure. I watched them work tirelessly behind the scenes, as well as present on panels and perform in showcases. Their efforts were greatly appreciated! Check out the ASG website.

The focus I had going into those industry panels, songwriting and performance workshops, and mentor sessions was like a throw back to my medical school self: intensely acquiring knowledge like someone’s life depended on it! 🙂 I learned a great deal in all of the sessions, but the workshop leaders that I wanted to give a special thanks to, are Chuck Cannon

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