2 thoughts on “Reserved Rebel: How Discovering My Multipotentiality Led to Fully Embracing My Differences

  1. Nice positive spin… I suffer from this, or i thrive off of this condition, depending on the perspective. I have not achieved a level of acceptable achievement in any one pursuit YET. Music happens to be the one thing i can focus on that makes room for everything else i bring to the table. What i wouldnt give to be annestablished musician kind of like i imagine a pediatrician is established with a thriving practice.

    The negative lense is skewing my outlook, i admit. Im focused on the next step(s) so much so that i sometimes fail to look back down the mountain i have been climbing. “Maybe im just like my mother. She’s never satisfied” – Prince Rogers

    The reason im replying is to thank you. I am who i am. Unapologetically. When i think about it im pretty dope. But tomorrow will be better. This blog entry was a desperately needed breath of fresh air. You could have easily kept it to yourself. Im glad you didnt. Im glad i read it!

    Keep up the good work!
    PS I think i went to Cornell with you.

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