4 thoughts on “Prince Tribute – Purple Rain

  1. OMG!!

    When Sign O’ the Times came out in 87ish, I used to use side “B” (cassette) as a gauge from when the alarm went off to when I had to leave the house to catch my bus. Approximately 41:28 is what it took to be on time.

    After graduation, my mother was relishing in the fact she didn’t have to hear Prince anymore. But that 41:28 didn’t fit into my lifestyle anymore.

    Upon learning of his death, I was so hurt. Although death is a natural part of the lifecycle, and we all will be doing it, I felt like a part of me had died. More specifically, the 41:28 his music got me going in the morning.

  2. Congrats Dayo! You expressed my sentiments exactly. He was a true icon and you gave a beautiful tribute. Thank you Sands.

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