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Making Mealtime Special and Helping Others In Need

Custom-Helping Others in Need

Making Mealtime Special

Making mealtime special can involve doing something out of the ordinary, like dusting off and using that “look-but-don’t-touch” teapot and teacup combo for breakfast.

It can also include preparing meals as a family and eating them together around the table (or via FaceTime, if you’re unable to be with your family right now).

Eating together as a family has several benefits. It offers an opportunity to reconnect after a busy day, provides time to communicate with and listen to each other, share thoughts and ideas, problem solve and plan for the day or week ahead.

Custom-Fancy Breakfast Pic-2-2








Taking on solo chef duties can also be enjoyable (especially for introverts)—and may provide a solitary reprieve while staying at home with family. 😉

I love to cook—it has a very calming and zen-like appeal to me. A bit of creativity and adventure can also be thrown in by “MacGuyver-ing” a meal together when necessary, based on whatever food items you have on hand.
[For those of you unfamiliar with the term “MacGyver” (based on the 1980’s tv show), its current definition is: make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand.]

Helping Others in Need

While improvising a meal can be an enjoyable challenge for some, for others it can be extremely difficult—especially for those struggling to put food on the table. I’ve experienced food insecurity, so I’m sensitive to the effect unmet food needs can have on families, including children who’ve lost access to school meals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We recently donated to the Atlanta Community Food Bank to help with meals for seniors, children and families in our community. If you’re able to donate to food banks in your area, please consider it.

Atlanta Community Food Bank-Donate






Photo Credit: Atlanta Community Food Bank


And if you’re in need of food assistance in the Atlanta area, text “FINDFOOD” or “COMIDA” to 888-976-2232 to find a pantry near you.

Atlanta Community Food Bank








Photo Credit: Atlanta Community Food Bank


Take care and stay safe!

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