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Make Time For Yourself

Drowning in “Busyness”

I have a question: Have you ever looked up from the “busyness” that is your life, and realized that you were so occupied taking care of the needs and wants of those around you, (whether it be work, family, school, organizations, etc.), that you failed to take care of your wants and needs? I’ve done that recently and noticed that on a things-to-do list that was a mile long… I was nowhere on it!

What about the gifts I’ve been given that I haven’t carved out time to use or explore? What about the goals I want to achieve and things I want to do? Whose fault was it that I haven’t made time for myself? The blame was firmly in my court, but rather than place that blame, I continued to refer to the verses that caused me to put my “busyness” into question in the first place: “Be still…” – Psalm 46:10 and “Peace, be still.” – Mark 4:39.

Time for Self-Reflection

By quieting myself for a bit of self-reflection, I was able to hear His “still small voice.” I prayerfully examined our family schedule, made some changes to create more balance, and lo & behold… time for me too! Time to be creative and use the gifts I’ve been given. Time to set the groundwork for goals I’d like to achieve. My insight on that… it won’t happen, if you don’t make the time to make it happen. I’ve come to the realization that “later” is a dangerous place. It gets pushed further into the future each day you say it.

Making Time For Myself

Now I’m glad I made it a point to take those ballet and contemporary dance classes I always wanted to take at Ballet Austin and Tapestry Dance Academy!

I’m also glad I’m making time for my music. Not in a forced I’ve-got-to-get-a-CD-done kind of way, but more organically, by doing what I love and enjoy without putting pressure on myself to produce. By taking the time to learn the guitar and piano, educate myself on music software and speaking with artists/vocalists with similar interests here in Austin (thank you Candace Bellamy and Erin Duvall).

The Time is Now

I listen to a wide variety of music and often find myself inspired by songs, be it the lyrics, the melody, the beat, or all of the above. I often ask myself (especially about the gospel and contemporary Christian songs I hear), what if that artist felt moved to write that song, but never did it; or wrote the song, but never recorded it; or recorded the song, but never released it… then I wouldn’t be enjoying it now, or encouraged and blessed by it in this moment. It was that thought that propelled me back into action… making it a point to get back into the “music saddle.” I’m curious to know if any of you have felt the same way in your lives? Let me know by posting a comment, if so inclined. 🙂

Special Thanks for the Inspiration and Encouragement

I want to give a special thank you to everyone who has inspired and encouraged me in music and dance to date.
Danielle DeCosmo in Gainesville, FL, my vocal coach for a year; to my brother and sister in music, David Davis and Joy Matthews (my former fellow gospel group-mates); Erin Murphy at Cameron Dance Center in Gainesville, FL, my first ballet and jazz teacher (started those lessons at age 38); and to Mary Knestrick of Independance Studio in Gainesville, FL and Melanie Smith of Dancin’ Jazzi and the FLAVA Dance Company in Austin, TX, for their dance inspiration as artists/choreographers.

Dr. Dayo Lanier

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