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Inspiration & Insights – Perfection is an Illusion

Perfection is an Illusion Quote-Revised-Dayo Lanier

Perfectionism… An Endless Treadmill

Today, I was inspired by a quote (poem) from Victoria Erickson:

“Perfectionism is merely an endless treadmill of self-destruction that’ll only build momentum until you’re running at unsustainable speeds.
Rather than remaining a slave to the illusions you perceive as safe, step off the treadmill and live as the piece of art you are: messy, colorful, fluid, and adaptable to change, mistakes, shifts, surprises, pain, and of course, immeasurable moments of beauty.
It is there outside the enclosed gray walls of perfect self-imprisonment that you shall touch the meaning of freedom.”

Erickson’s description of perfectionism as “an endless treadmill,” feels accurate. Similar to the hamster wheel depiction I’ve always used. Both represent constant movement without forward progress.

Embracing Authenticity

Rejecting perfectionism is a way of life. And stepping off (or refusing to get on) the “hamster wheel” is a daily choice.

Embracing authenticity means shaking off the status quo and letting go of societal expectations that don’t seem to fit. It’s choosing your own path—even if it’s much different and less structured than the one you started out on.

Embracing authenticity is striving for what we know to be true—once we’ve slowed down long enough to think about it.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

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