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Inspiration & Insights – What Introverts and Empaths Need Most

Introverts thrive on quiet time. They gain energy and strength from being alone, and are oriented to the inner world of ideas and thoughts.

Empaths have the innate ability to read and understand people. They are compassionate and considerate, and have the ability to “feel” what someone else is experiencing and feeling.

Both introverts and empaths need time alone to recharge and to decompress. Time to process their thoughts, explore ideas and to be creative. Accepting this need for solitude is essential for their well-being and helps them to create the space needed to live purposefully and authentically

Recognizing my introverted, empathic nature as a quiet power to be prized, rather than a condition to be cured, has made all the difference.

This light bulb moment came after reading the insightful book, “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” by Susan Cain. It’s a wonderful read that has served as my very own game-changing, Introvert Manifesto.

It also started me on a path towards encouraging other empathic introverts to embrace their inner sensitive, solitude-seeking selves. The world needs our thoughtfulness, sensitivity, creativity and quiet leadership!

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