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Finally… Flesh-Toned Ballet Shoes!

I love sharing interesting finds! Since my most recent blog post was about my love of ballet and its benefits, I’m excited to share a recent ballet discovery— Kinetic Essentials Ballet “Hue” Polish.

(This might be a good time to note: I independently purchased my KE Ballet “Hue” Polish and was not asked to review it, nor did I receive monetary compensation for sharing this product). 🙂

Ballet is all about creating elongated, continuous lines for visual interest— And nothing creates a better visual line than having your ballet shoes match your skin tone!

My ballet shoes, which are a very pretty shade of pink, didn’t match my skin tone at all.

While researching a way to rectify that, I came across the Kinetic Essentials website and their Ballet “Hue” Polish!

It works on canvas and pointe shoes and offers a variety of colors for different flesh tones:

Photo Credit: Kinetic Essentials








A sponge applicator came attached to the bottle, so it was easy to apply. Also, it smelled nice and dried quickly… so, I was dancing in flesh-toned shoes in record time.

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