Plant-Based Problems Pic

Plant-Based Problems!

When your teen doesn’t appreciate the plant-based family focus… 😂 #PlantBased #Flexitarian #Vegan #Vegetarian #PlantBasedProteins #GetIntoIt @Sevananda @BeyondMeat @Gardein @Lightlife @SweetEarthFoods

Guest Appearance on Taboo Talk with Lady Charmaine Day on BlogTalkRadio

Tomorrow (Wednesday, May 15, 2013) from 2-3 p.m. eastern standard time, I’ll be a guest on Taboo Talk, a Christian talk show featuring ordained Pastor, Wife, Publisher, Author and Radio Host, Lady Charmaine Day. The show, which is syndicated and appears on BlogTalkRadio, YouTube and Itunes, features insightful commentary from Lady Charmaine Day on a variety of topics. It airs…

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Eating Around Austin: Uchi

I really enjoy eating great food, trying new restaurants and sampling a variety of cuisines! My family doesn’t always share the same diverse food palate or level of experimentation as I, so I have no qualms about going out on food adventures by myself. This was the case during my recent outing to the Austin culinary hot spot, Uchi. Uchi…

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Working It Out

This is a blast-from-the-past blog re-post from my first blog, Words of Wellness. These tips still hold true, so I figured I’d share them once again! I enjoy watching a show on Fine Living Network called “Bulging Brides.” At the start of the show, the brides-to-be are lamenting the fact that they are unable to fit into their wedding gowns…

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