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I Always Wanted to Try… Ballroom Dance!

Ballroom Dance Competition

My introduction to Ballroom Dance began at    Go Dance Studios here in Knoxville—and I loved every minute!

Ballroom Dance movies are one of my favorite genres to watch (especially Dance with Me, Take the Lead, Shall We Dance?, Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, & Strictly Ballroom), and I was eager to learn the moves I’d seen in those movies!

I approached ballroom dance like a true multipotentialite—I went all in!


The Benefits of Ballet

My Ballet Studio
My Ballet Studio

I absolutely love the art of ballet!

I love how it serves as a creative outlet for me to express myself artistically.

I revel in the intensity of physical exertion required, both in movement and stillness.

I enjoy the mental challenge it provides—trying to remember different ballet positions and combinations while remaining focused on my breathing and body positioning—neck long, shoulders down, tailbone tucked in, feet turned out…

Ballet is the epitome of creative mindfulness for me.




Lesson Learned, Knowledge Earned

At times, I wish I could “bubble wrap” my babies
Yes, my “babies”—even though they are now teens,
I would protect them from ALL of life’s sharp edges
So the hard way isn’t how they’d learn new things.

But, I know that would do them more harm, than good
And is not the best parenting approach to take,
Lessons learned for yourself, are best remembered
Experiencing the good and bad of decisions that we make.

So, with prayer, I’ll help them live our family’s values
Understanding some challenges may leave them with a scar,
Instead of shielding every struggle, I’ll guide and teach them
To make choices based on what’s right, and who they are.

Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D.
April 22, 2018, 2:05pm


Time For Change

Crying over this type of violence, until we’re all out of tears
Sadly watching, as outrage is replaced by fear
Fear of indifference, fear of no change
How much longer can things stay the same?

Why the open season on innocent black lives?
With a 15 year old about to drive,
I need to lecture him on how to come home alive?
How to go about his day, so he can advance… then survive?

Yes, he plays ball, but that play on words is disturbing,
And black people killed at the hands of police—outrageous and undeserving.
And sniper shots killing innocent cops—strangely unnerving

They were doing their jobs, trying to serve and protect,
Now officers are dead, and a peaceful protest has been hijacked,
By more violence, more pain, more innocent lives lost,
We’ve sowed seeds of hate and anger… now we’re counting the cost.

Please, let us not come up with ways to shift the blame,
Using fear like lighter fluid, division fanning the flames,
It’s not time to become numb, or frozen in fear,
But time to pray, and unite, and put the movement for change into gear.

Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D.
July 8, 2016, 12:15pm