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Dr. Dayo Lanier | Reserved Rebel Update!

Playa Bowls Atlanta BeltLine

Long time, no hear!

It’s time for a Dr. Dayo Lanier | Reserved Rebel update!

My last post was right before the Lanier Basketball Season x 4 (school & AAU) and Track & Field Season x 1.

This time period included Unofficial AND Official College Basketball visits with my son (who’s now committed to Davidson College on a basketball scholarship), a State Basketball Championship for him as well and a Track & Field State Championship for my daughter (both at Webb School of Knoxville) AND an NCAA Sweet 16 appearance for my husband, with the Tennessee Men’s Basketball team!

To say things have been going non-stop would be an understatement!

But there’s more…

To top everything off, our family recently relocated from Knoxville, TN to Atlanta, GA for my husband’s new job as the Head Coach of the Georgia State Men’s Basketball Team!

GSU Lanier Family Pic

If that sounds like a lot—it is and was!

Stay tuned for posts that describe those experiences through the lens of burnout, acceptance of change, self-care and resilience.

In the meantime, you can read my post on Embracing Change.  I wrote it the last time our family relocated and it sounds eerily familiar! 😉

For right now, I’ve taken a break from the boxes to enjoy a bite to eat at Playa Bowls on the Atlanta BeltLine.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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