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The Benefits of Ballet

My Ballet Studio
My Ballet Studio

I absolutely love the art of ballet!

I love how it serves as a creative outlet for me to express myself artistically.

I revel in the intensity of physical exertion required, both in movement and stillness.

I enjoy the mental challenge it provides— trying to remember different ballet positions and combinations, while remaining focused on my breathing and body positioning— neck long, shoulders down, tail bone tucked in, feet turned out…

Ballet is the epitome of creative mindfulness for me.

I have no choice but to be in the moment, since it takes ALL of my energy and concentration to get those moves right, AND to remember to breathe and look natural!

Because I didn’t take dance classes in my youth (that expense didn’t make the cut in our family budget), there’s no muscle memory to call on, either… just a dogged (yet graceful), determination on my part, to get my body to do what the instructor is demonstrating.

Working within my range of flexibility and experience is crucial! And I can honestly say, I’ve mastered the art of pushing myself, without overdoing it.

What I love most, is how training in ballet takes me out of my perfectionist tendencies and breaks up any potential rigidity of mindset. It forces me, in the most elegant way possible, to practice patience.

In some ways, ballet is an exercise in resilience. It requires consistency, hard work and commitment, in order to see improvement.

I may never be a prima ballerina (or the youngest, most flexible person in the room), but I can set individual goals— to become more flexible and to gradually improve my technique each day.

The more consistent I am, the more quickly I see progress… and progress is a beautiful thing!

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3 thoughts on “The Benefits of Ballet

  1. I appreciate your personal thoughts on ballet and how it has taught you more about patience. It’s important to see how these kinds of performing arts can truly help you gain valuable life skills. These are things that I hope my future children will appreciate and think about, especially if they end up being involved in ballet.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bernard! I agree. In addition to creative expression, the performing arts provide the opportunity to learn many valuable life skills and life lessons!
      In fact, I recently came across an article, “Top 10 Skills Children Learn From The Arts” by Lisa Phillips, detailing some of those important life skills (This article is from The Answer Sheet blog by Valerie Strauss, in the Washington Post):

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