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Back from Burnout

I’ve been on a hiatus, of sorts—recovering from burnout.

I plan to delve into the topic more thoroughly but wanted to share this poem today—in honor of National Poetry Month (before April ends!). 🙂

Take care!

Back from Burnout

Back from burnout—
It turns out,
You can’t work, do
and move—
Without rest,
or catching your breath.

Labor, continuous
Giving, generous—
No time for you,
just making do
Pressed to achieve,
while fighting fatigue.

Too busy to notice,
Losing focus—
Feeling weighted,
nerves are grated—
Won’t make a change,
So… things stay the same.

Refuse to do less,
Continue to stress—
Feeling frustrated,
needs unstated—
Exhaustion arrives,
and stops your strive.

Taken off-course,
Down-time forced—
Feels arbitrary,
but necessary
Have to take time,
to restore your mind.

Prioritize needs,
Set boundaries—
Learn to delegate,
and advocate—
For what’s best for you,
Now… feeling renewed.

Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D.
April 2021

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