Dayo Lanier, M.D. (affectionately known as Dr. Dayo to the students she’s worked with) is a pediatrician, turned writer, consultant, speaker, singer-songwriter, life-long learner and Founder/Owner of Dr. Dayo Lanier | Reserved Rebel.

Dr. Lanier is a graduate of Cornell University and received her medical degree from the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo.

On the Reserved Rebel website, Dr. Lanier lends her introverted, ADHD, multipotentialite, Coach’s wife, Christian mom, arts & science perspective—providing encouragement, information and insights on a variety of topics, including health & wellness, creativity & music, education, parenting and self-development.

The Reserved Rebel Mission: Offering encouragement to honor your differences, embrace unconventionality, live authentically, and create a balanced life.

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    1. When you were a little girl, I knew you would do great things, be community-minded and bring joy to your Mom’s heart. Marilyn was my best friend when I lived in Buffalo. It’s my fault, but I’ve lost touch with her. Her birthday was this week. When you speak to her tell her Happy Belated Birthday.

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