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Dr. Dayo’s Dance Party

Special thank you to Ms. Robillard’s 3rd grade class at Clayton Elementary for their participation in “Dr. Dayo’s Dance Party” last Friday! Thanks for the wonderful thank you notes as well. I’m so glad you enjoyed the music (especially “Drink More Water”), the presentation, and the dance/exercise moves! :)

Dr. Dayo Lanier

The Fact of the Matter

CaricatureI’ve transitioned from clinical medicine and am currently working on what I truly love and feel called to do… reaching children through music and dance, by writing, singing and performing songs that encourage healthy eating and exercise.

Many times we can recall songs from our childhood that taught us things we still remember today. Think “School House Rock” and how you knew the song “Conjunction Junction” by heart, before you even knew what a conjunction was!

I’m so grateful that my love of music and desire to sing have motivated me to do a children’s CD. It’s important that our children learn how to eat healthfully, and why it’s important to exercise, play AND get their rest. If I can achieve that through songs that facilitate movement, all the better!

As I wrote the songs for the CD, I used my children as “guinea pigs” to see if they liked them and found them catchy. I felt happy when they began to sing them on their own. But when they recalled verses from the songs, “Mommy, like the song said, we need to drink more water,” I was beyond thrilled.

I’m happy to announce the first single “Drink More Water,” from my debut CD “Dr. Lanier’s Dance Party, “ is due to be released August 2010. I hope you enjoy it!

Take care and God bless,
Dayo Wilson Lanier, M.D.